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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure how to use the site? Want more information on how to find the best price? Read our Frequently Asked Question section to find all the answers.

Helping you Stick to your New Year’s Resolution

Sticking to New Year’s Resolution’s can be hard. Search RxLess for the best prices on medications that will get you there.

January is Thyroid Awareness Month

January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Get the facts on thyroid disease and how to treat with RxLess.

Don’t Let Erectile Dysfunction Keep you Down

Erectile dysfunction is very common and treatable. Find out more about this condition and get the best priced ED drugs with RxLess.

Lower your Risk of Diabetes for National Diabetes Month

Need some incentive to make healthier lifestyle changes? It's National Diabetes Month. Get the best prices on diabetes and weight loss drugs with RxLess.

Mental Health is as Important as Your Physical Health

Did you know that your mental health affects your physical health? Get the facts from RxLess and save on your prescriptions here.

CVS Announces Same Day Delivery Services for Prescription Medication

CVS has announced that they will provide same day delivery services for prescription medications. Get discount prescription cards for CVS from RxLess.

Is it Just Allergies, or Something Else Entirely?

Have you been wondering if it is just allergies, or something else entirely? Get the facts from RxLess and save on allergy prescriptions here.

PA Seniors Rally Against Rising Drug Prices

PA seniors are rallying against rising drug prices.

Summer Health Tips for a Safe and Happy Summer

Have a safe and happy summer with these summer health tips. Stay safe, avoid sunburn, and remember to properly take your medications as directed.

Rite Aid Makes Big Changes and Cuts 400 Jobs

Get the latest news from the pharmaceutical industry including the latest on Rite Aid's big changes and cuts of 400 jobs. Read more here.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Get the latest news on the pharmaceutical industry from Rx Less. National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

CVS to Start Selling CBD Products Derived from Hemp

Did you know that CVS is going to start selling CBD products derived from hemp? Get the latest information from RxLess.

Spring is a Good Time to Get Active

If you have been thinking about becoming more active, now's the time! Spring is a good time to get active. Learn more here from RxLess.

Tips for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Heart health is important. Get important tips for keeping your heart healthy from RxLess and save on your heart medications with our free discount cards.

FDA Approves Game-Changing Drug to Treat Depression

The FDA recently approved a nasal spray drug to treat depression. Learn more about esketamine from RxLess and save on prescriptions with us today.

Easy Ways to Fight the Flu

Learn some easy ways to fight the flu from RxLess. Looking for a discount on prescription flu medications? Get a free discount prescription card.

Great Reasons You Should Quit Smoking ASAP

Need a reason to quit smoking? Get several great reasons to quit smoking from RxLess. Get the best prices using prescription discount cards from RxLess.

Could Changes in the Pharmaceutical Industry Change Pricing for Prescription Drugs?

Wondering if changes in the Pharmaceutical Industry could change pricing for prescription drugs? Get the facts from RxLess and save with our discount cards.

What You Need to do if Your Medication is Recalled

Wondering what to do now that your medication has been recalled? Get the facts from RxLess & find the best prices on prescriptions with our discount cards.

Common Workplace Ailments and How to Avoid Them

Worried about getting sick at work? Learn more about common workplace ailments and how to avoid them from RxLess.

The First FDA-Approved Marijuana Derived Drug

The first FDA-Approved marijuana derived drug for Epilepsy is here. Learn more about it from RxLess & get the best prices with our free prescription cards.

Improve Your Eating Habits and Lose Weight for National Nutrition Month

Need some incentive to start better eating habits? It's National Nutrition Month. Get the best prices on nutritional and weight loss drugs with RxLess.

How to Find and Use a Discount Prescription Card

Looking for the best prices on prescription drugs? Learn how to find and use a discount prescription card from RxLess. We can help you get the best prices!

How to Bring Down High Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? Learn how to bring it down from RxLess. Save on blood pressure medication with a free prescription discount card.

The Future of Generic Drugs

Get the facts about the future of generic drugs from RxLess. Looking for the best prices on prescription drugs? Get a free discount prescription card here.

Can Paying out of Pocket for Prescriptions be Cheaper than Copays?

Wondering if paying out of pocket for prescriptions can be cheaper than insurance copays? Get the facts from the prescription discount experts at RxLess.

Your Guide to Surviving Spring Allergy Season This Year

Get your guide to surviving spring allergy season from RxLess. Looking for discounts on allergy prescriptions? RxLess can help you get the best prices.

Prescription Discount Cards and How they Work

Learn more about prescription discount cards and how they work from the experts at RxLess. Looking for the best prices on your prescriptions? We can help.

FDA Approves First Generic EpiPen

The FDA approved the first generic EpiPen. What does this mean for severe allergy sufferers? Get the facts from RxLess and save with our free discount cards and coupons.
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