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PA Seniors Rally Against Rising Drug Prices

Updated on April 12th, 2019

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The cost of prescription medications is constantly in the news and has been for a while. Medication costs continually rise and it’s hard to explain these inflated prices sometimes. Backlash against the companies who make these drugs and the prices they sell them for has become fairly common.

Of those who are growing more and more frustrated, senors are at the top of the list. Considering that older individuals are often using a number of prescriptions regularly, they may have the most experience dealing with overpriced medications. It makes sense, then, that a group of seniors in Pennsylvania have had enough.

Harrisburg Gathering

In Pennsylvania a group of angry seniors had enough of paying too much for their prescription medications. Over 200 AARP members gathered in the state capitol of Harrisburg and made it known they were disappointed in the handling of prescription drug prices in the US, where the prices are the highest in the world.

The goal of this gathering was to influence government change with the prices of prescriptions, mainly capping out-of-pocket prescription prices, expanding Pennsylvania’s PACE and PACENET programs, which are prescription assistance programs funded by the state lottery, and making manufacturers justify raising the prices of their products.

Affordable Prescriptions

These Pennsylvania seniors are not the only individuals who are getting frustrated with the way drug prices continually rise, sometimes inexplicably. But there are options out there for Americans who want to save money on their prescription drugs. Assistance programs like those mentioned above and insurance are common means for individuals to reduce the costs they pay when purchasing their prescriptions. But there is still another option that can make prescriptions even more affordable than either of these.

Prescription Discount Offers

Prescription discount offers are an easy way to help you save every time you buy a prescription drug, whether they’re used to treat depression like Prozac or fight infection like Augmentin. RxLess can help you find these offers.

All you have to do is use our site to search for the name of your prescription. Then, select the dosage you need and scroll down to find the discount for your pharmacy. You can download the offer, print it out, or just keep it on your smartphone to show the pharmacist. You don’t pay anything when looking up the offer, you only pay when you actually purchase your drugs at the pharmacy counter.

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