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New Year, New Me: Self Care Tips

Written and medically reviewed by Dorcas Morak, Pharm.D

Updated on October 12th, 2022

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Although it may sound a bit cliche, the start of a new year is the perfect time to start over with a clean slate. Better prioritize yourself and your care in 2021 with a few simple tips, and with a little time and intentionality, you'll be saying, "New year, new me" — and meaning it — in no time.

1. Practice daily gratitude.

Did you know giving thanks can actually make you happier? Taking the time to acknowledge and be thankful for the things you have, both tangible and not, helps you refocus your thoughts; instead of draining your joy by dwelling on something you lack, you're energizing yourself by appreciating what's in your life.

It may sound a bit silly or forced, but taking a moment or two every day to give thanks can work wonders in the long run, according to an article by Harvard Health. How you put gratitude into practice is up to you. If you're religious or spiritual, you might express your gratitude by prayer or meditation. Or maybe you'd like to start a gratitude journal, taking time every day to log the gifts you received or stumbled upon every day.

What matters isn't necessarily the action you choose, but the attitude; however you choose to express it, set the tone for the new year with a renewed sense of thankfulness.

2. Break that bad habit.

Maybe you find yourself smoking a pack or two every day, or perhaps you gnaw on your fingernails until there's nothing left of them but a few measly stubs. Whatever your vice, you have the power to overcome it if you're willing to devote the time and energy to do so.

The first step of breaking a bad habit is identifying its triggers. What situations drive you to reach for a cigarette? Is it stress? Boredom? How else can you fill that time? Then, you'll want to acknowledge why you want to change in the first place. What are the benefits of quitting this habit, and are they enough motivation to drive you to change?

Start small, give yourself grace, and replace your poor habits with better, healthier ones, and watch yourself grow stronger both mentally and physically.

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3. Save more.

Finances can, quite frankly, be a massive pain. Financial stresses can be overwhelming and all-consuming, and while money can't buy happiness or solve all your problems, developing savings habits, tracking your income and spending, and finding ways to stretch your dollar further can help improve your overall mood.

This is where sites like rxless come in handy. RxLess helps you find offers for your prescription medications, making drugs like Bupropion or phentermine more affordable. All you have to do is go to our site and search for your medication and the discount associated with your pharmacy of choice.

Be the best you in the new year by practicing self-care and making positive changes to your daily routine. You are worth the effort!

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