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Three Simple Steps to Transfer a Prescription to a New Pharmacy

Written and medically reviewed by Dorcas Morak, Pharm.D

Updated on December 20th, 2022

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When using rxless to compare the savings of your prescriptions across the pharmacies in your area, you might find that your medications are less expensive at a different pharmacy than where you currently get your medications. You wish you could transfer your prescription to this new, more affordable pharmacy, but the process to transfer it seems overwhelming.

Follow these three simple steps to transfer your prescription successfully and keep more money in your pocket:

Contact your new pharmacy

Contact your new pharmacy and inform them of your intention to transfer your prescription to them. You will likely be asked to provide the name, strength, and prescription number for each medication, as well as the phone number and address of your previous pharmacy. You can do this over the phone, in person at the new pharmacy, or online if the website offers a transfer service.

It is much easier if the transfer is within the same pharmacy but at a different location. For instance, you are transferring your prescription from one CVS pharmacy to another. In this situation, your new pharmacy might only require your name and birthdate to retrieve your medication.

Transfers are also relatively simple to complete between streamlined pharmacies. For instance, the CVS and Walgreens transfer procedure is streamlined. You can go online and provide your contact information, basic prescription information, and the location of your previous pharmacy. Your new pharmacy (e.g., Walgreens) will contact your old pharmacy (e.g., CVS) to handle the transfer procedure. The process is also streamlined with Rite Aid, Walmart, etc.

Submit your health and insurance information

To complete the transfer, your new pharmacy must have access to your health and insurance information. Submitting this information is especially easy if the pharmacy offers online transfers via its website. The new pharmacy will require the following details:

  • first name
  • last name
  • date of birth
  • residential address
  • phone number
  • allergies (if any)
  • prescription insurance information (if any)
  • desired plan information (if applicable)

Wait for the transfer to go into effect

Wait for the transfer to complete before going to your new pharmacy to pick up your prescription. The process typically takes 2-3 days to complete, however, it all depends on the workload between the two pharmacies, and their staff's availability.

Furthermore, make use of text alert services, like those from Walgreens and CVS, if available. The pharmacy will inform you via SMS text message when the transfer is complete. The service will also make it easier for the pharmacy to contact you if they need more information.

Remember to bring your insurance card and RxLess prescription savings card when picking up your prescription. Even if you have insurance, RxLess helps you get the best price every time! Each time you visit the pharmacy, show your RxLess card to access big savings!

If my prescription runs out of refills, can I still transfer it?

Your new pharmacy can get a new prescription if your current one has run out of refills. Some pharmacies, however, are prohibited from sending refill requests if you haven't filled a prescription there before. Also, your new pharmacy might not be able to send a refill request if you need a follow-up examination from your doctor before getting a new prescription. If you are out of refills, it is best to contact your healthcare provider first before transferring your prescription. In this case, you can usually request that your provider send the new prescription directly to the new pharmacy.

How many times can I transfer my prescription?

You may only transfer your prescription once for some controlled medications on Schedules III, IV, and V. Therefore, you will need a new prescription from your doctor if you need to move them a second time. Examples of these medications include testosterone and Ambien (zolpidem).

Do some medications have transfer restrictions?

Yes. You can not transfer the prescription of controlled medications on Schedule II. Additionally, they are ineligible for refills, so a new prescription is required for every fill. Examples include Norco (hydrocodone/acetaminophen), Concerta (methylphenidate ER), and Adderall (amphetamine salt combination).

More questions? RxLess has the answers.

We know you may be hesitant to try RxLess without knowing all the facts. We're here to help! We can put your mind at ease by giving you all the details and answering any questions you may have. Feel free to visit our FAQ page for a lot of great information. If you still have questions, feel free to call our helpline at 1-844-4-rxless.

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