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June is Men's Health Month: Taking Care of Men's Health

Updated on June 1th, 2021

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The month of June is dedicated to taking care of men's health and encouraging men and boys to implement a healthy lifestyle. On average the life expectancy of a man is 5 years less than a woman. Learning healthy habits at a young age will greatly increase a healthier life into adulthood. Since most schools are out by June, it’s a good time to get more involved with your child’s routine. Talk to them about diet and exercise and let them help pick out some healthy meal options for the summer. Also, enrolling them in summer athletic programs will help keep them active and fit. By implementing an exercise routine, eating right, and being informed of preventative disease habits, men can increase their chances of living a longer, happier life.

Participate in Men’s Health Month

How can you join in the fun this June? Begin by researching common men’s health issues so you can learn how to prevent them. The top three leading causes of death in men are cancer, heart disease, and unintentional injuries. Does your family have a history of heart disease or cancer? Then make some goals for your physical and mental health. Setting goals doesn’t always have to be big changes, making small changes can make big differences in your health such as adding a multivitamin to your day. Some things to consider when setting goals are:

  • Mental health: How are you feeling? Depressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Happy? How do you want to feel?
  • Diet: What are your eating habits? Is there something you can eliminate or add to improve your diet?
  • Physical health: Do you want to lose weight or gain muscle? What physical activity could you easily add to your day or week?
  • When was your last wellness check-up? Regular doctor visits are key for early diagnosis and treatment of common men's health conditions such as prostate cancer.

If your doctor recommends prescription medications to help with your health/goals, it doesn't have to break the bank. To find the best discounts on your medicine, prescriptions, and vitamins, go to

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