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Mental Health is as Important as Your Physical Health

Updated on May 3th, 2020

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Most people go to the doctor when they sprain their ankle, catch a cold, or have the flu, but do as many go for mental health concerns? Believe it or not, your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being. That means you should prioritize mental health the same way you do with your physical health.

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, so it’s a perfect time to learn more about mental health and its impact on our daily lives.

Mental and Physical Health

Mental health is intricately linked to physical health in a variety of ways. The two are impossible to separate and that has led to more doctors addressing the mental health problems of their patients as part of regular treatment.

People who have mental health disorders, like depression or anxiety, sometimes struggle to maintain their physical health. Sometimes this is a result of addiction issues, or just from symptoms of their mental disorder.

For example, depression and some types of anxiety may make it hard for an individual to exercise regularly, sleep well, and eat well, all of which can help relieve depression and anxiety symptoms.

Mental Health in the US

Mental health disorders affect huge parts of the American population and mental illness accounts for one of the highest disease burdens in health care.

It’s estimated that 18.1% of adults in the US suffered from mental illness. That’s 43.6 million people. And nearly 9.8 million of those people suffer from a debilitating mental illness.

This data pretty clearly shows the scope of mental illness in the US and how it can affect individuals as well as the health care industry. By improving mental health in the US and easing the burden these diseases places on the system, we can help millions of people.

Proper Care is Important

Just like your physical health can have an affect on your life, so can your mental health. That’s why it’s important that you talk to your doctor and start the proper treatments. Lifestyle changes and proper medication can help many individuals suffering from mental illness recover and lead normal lives.

If your doctor has prescribed you medications to help you overcome a mental health disorder, you can save money when you go to the pharmacy. You can save on anxiety medications like Lexapro or Escitalopram, or depression medications like Prozac or Fluoxetine with an offer from RxLess. Or you can head over to our site and search for discounts for another medication!

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