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Helping you Stick to your New Year's Resolution

Updated on October 12th, 2022

Save up to 88% on your medications

Making New Year's resolutions is a time-honored tradition all around the world. With healthier eating, exercise, losing weight, spending less and quitting smoking being among the top resolutions set by people.

Unfortunately, about 60 percent of us fail our resolutions before January 31. So when you are deciding what New Year’s resolution you want to achieve this year, why not choose one or more that can improve your health, and use RxLess to get deep discounts (see, you’re already spending less) on the medications that will help you get there!

Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, and if you smoke, you probably are already aware that it will cause you health problems. These potential health risks drive a great many people to quit smoking, but there are a great many positive reasons to quit smoking too such as Immediate Improvements to your Body’s wellbeing, i.e. improved circulation and lung function; Looking Better; and Feeling Better in general.

Quitting can be tough as it is highly addictive, but there are options to help you kick the habit, including therapy and prescriptions. RxLess offers low prices on bupropion the generic for Wellbutrin, which helps people stop smoking by reducing cravings and other withdrawal effects.

Lose Weight

Combining nutritional changes with a healthy exercise regimen can be a great way to lose weight. In general, this can help improve your health greatly from better sleep, to more energy and more. For some, weight loss does not come easy though. And your doctor may prescribe a medication to help, especially if you’re not in the best health.

These medications can be expensive and may not be covered by insurance. So, if you need to find a way to make medications like Alli or Phentermine more affordable, prescription discount offers from RxLess may be able to save you money.

Sleep More

Finally getting enough quality sleep each night. There are two main reasons sleep is important: one, it helps the body to restore and repair itself. And two, it plays a significant role in memory retention. Other benefits include prevention of weight gain, decreased illness duration such as a common cold, and heart disease. For some people however falling asleep and/or staying asleep is difficult to achieve.

It is estimated that one in four Americans develop insomnia each year. Treatment can include behavior therapy, regular exercise, and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and bright screens before bed. In some cases a Doctor may prescribe medications such as zolpidem and eszopiclone to help treat insomnia, and RxLess can help you better afford these medications.

Whatever your resolution, if your doctor prescribes any of these medications to help you reach your goals, rxless can help you save.

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