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Great Reasons You Should Quit Smoking ASAP

Updated on August 14th, 2019

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Everyone should know that smoking is bad for you – really, really bad for you. The problems that smoking causes are plentiful, and if you smoke, you probably are already aware that it will cause you health problems.

These potential health risks drive a great many people to quit smoking, but there are also a great many positive reasons to quit smoking. If you’re trying to end your addiction to smoking, here are some positive reasons you should quit ASAP.

Immediate Changes

One of the first reasons to quit as soon as you can is the fact that your body will immediately begin to recover. Within twenty minutes of your last cigarette, your heart rate and blood pressure will come down from the elevated levels that tobacco smoke causes. Then, within twelve hours of your last smoke, the carbon monoxide levels in your blood will return to normal. Within three months of quitting, your circulation and lung function will improve.

As this healing continues, within nine months of quitting, the cilia in your lungs will return to normal and will be able to move mucus out of your lungs more easily, decreasing your coughing and shortness of breath.

Look Better

Aside from the changes in your body, your looks may also improve, as smoking affects the condition of your face as well as your lungs. Tar and nicotine can stain your teeth, darkening your smile. Smoking also causes premature aging of the skin (think wrinkles and rough, leathery skin).

However, within a few days of quitting your smile may brighten, and eventually you may find blemishes clear and you’ll be protecting your skin from further damage.

Feel Better

When you quit smoking, your blood is able to move more easily through your body and carry oxygen and nutrients. This means you may find that wounds heal faster as your blood can get more nutrients and oxygen to your wounds to help them heal. Your muscle and bones may also benefit from this, making them stronger, which can help you avoid injury. And without the nicotine and tar in your system, your immune system may improve as well.

Some Help

Obviously, quitting any habit can be hard. Smoking is highly addictive and that makes it even harder to quit once you’ve started. But there are options. From therapy to prescriptions, there’s plenty of help out there.

But prescriptions can be expensive. Luckily there’s prescription savings offers that can save you money on prescription medications that can help you quit smoking like Chantix or Wellbutrin.

You can search the RxLess site for any prescription you may need to see if there is a prescriptions savings offer available for your pharmacy of choice.

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