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Take Care of Your Mental Health on a Budget

Updated on April 15th, 2021

Save up to 88% on your medications

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s important that you take care of your mental health the same way you’d take care of your body. In the United States, one in five adults has a mental health disorder.

If you have depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, you might notice a decrease in your quality of life and poor mental and physical health, such as heart condition and a decrease in energy levels, especially without proper diagnosis and treatment.

Getting a Diagnosis

Seeking a diagnosis can be stressful; from finding the right therapist to coming to terms with your diagnosis and sharing it with close family and friends. But you can make the process easier by being honest and open about your concerns in your therapy sessions.

Also, you can make some time in your day or week to practice meditation. Regular meditation, along with practicing mindfulness and gratitude, can ease up the weight of your diagnosis and even help reduce the severity of some symptoms.

Finding the Right Medication

If mental wellness exercises don’t work or have limited results, it might be time to consult modern medicine. Consider talking to your therapist and healthcare provider about putting you on medication.

For depression, Celexa, Savella, and Wellbutrin — among many others — have been known to be effective. And if you have anxiety and stress and are looking for something to calm you down, you can start taking Xanax or Valium, both of which take effect in under an hour. Moreover, to keep your obsessive tendencies and OCD under control, it’s important to find a drug that actually works; Prozac, Anafranil, and Pexeva can be effective here.

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