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Breathe Easy, It’s Healthy Lung Month

Updated on October 15th, 2021

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Just stop for a moment right now and pay attention to your breath. You probably don’t do that nearly as much as you should, but October is Healthy Lung Month, the time of year to stop taking your unappreciated and overworked lungs for granted. Think about this:

  • If you were to stretch out your lungs flat they’d cover a tennis court (yes way!)
  • You breathe on average between 12 and 20 times per minute.
  • That works out to about 22,000 breaths per day.

So it goes without saying your lungs are pretty important and need taking care of. You need to take time to think about the air quality in your living environment: What if any toxins are you breathing in on the regular? What pollutants and irritants? Are you watching out for your lungs or just using them thoughtlessly?

The good news is that our lungs have a comprehensive network of defenses protecting us from pollutants, bacteria, and other bad things in our environment. The bad news is that–depending on where we live—our environment can sometimes be so bad that it overwhelms even the best of “pulmonary fortifications.”

Preventive Measures for Lung Health

Healthy Lung Month is a great time to start thinking about the quality of air that you breathe at home day in and day out. Pet dander, dust, and other micro pollutants can hurt your lungs over time, although you might not actually notice until something sends you in for a doctor visit. Here are some simple steps for lung health you can start taking right away:

Indoor Houseplants

It’s plant life that regulates oxygen around the world. Why not introduce more of it into your domestic world?

Keep Windows Open

Try to avoid breathing the same recirculated air all day. Open your windows, let some wind in, and enjoy cleaner and fresher air.

Stop wearing shoes inside

If your grandparents ever scolded you for wearing shoes indoors… maybe they were right. The soles of your shoes will constantly track outdoor pollutants indoors, getting into your rugs and ultimately finding their way into your lungs. Remembering to keep outside and inside separate is a nice hygienic habit to start this October.

Discounts and Savings on Prescription Medications

Millions of Americans were already living with lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma long before Covid-19 came along, but now lung health is on our minds like never before. Lung problems can greatly affect your quality of life, reducing your breathing capacity and forcing you to expend greater effort to do even simple household tasks like cleaning or playing with your kids.

Many medications and lung support treatment exist for people with lung difficulties. If you’re worried about affording medicines related to a recent diagnosis, you might find some relief knowing options are available.

RxLess offers a one-stop index of nationwide drug stores like CVS or Walgreens where you can find short-acting bronchodilators like albuterol or metaproterenol, or long-acting bronchodilators like Advair, Symbicort or Serevent, and whatever else you need at an affordable price. You can use RxLess this Healthy Lung Month to shop the prescriptions you need to start breathing right this October.

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