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National Aphasia Awareness Month

Updated on June 5th, 2022

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June is National Aphasia Awareness Month, and in 2022, the National Aphasia Association (NAA) is celebrating 35 years of raising awareness and funding research for this disability. The theme this year is More Together, and they have drawn up lists of 35 items each that give people ideas about how to spread the word and take action to raise awareness of aphasia, and make the world a friendlier place for those who suffer from it.

One of the requests the association is making for aphasia month this year is that those who know about aphasia take the time to retweet their awareness tweets or place a link to their informational page on Facebook or Twitter. You can find the links to the tweets and other information on the NAA website

Awareness Equals Understanding

The National Aphasia Association was founded, in part, to educate people about aphasia and the people who are living with it. The belief is that the more people who are aware of this disability and the difficulties it creates for those who have it, the more they will try to understand when interacting with someone who is suffering from it. Many people with aphasia give up trying to communicate and the NAA wants to change that situation.

What is Aphasia?

Aphasia refers to conditions that cause people to wholly or partially lose the ability to use words. This disability can be caused by many things, including brain injury, stroke, brain tumors, or any illness or disease that affects the brain's functioning.

Aphasia may be the most common disability that no one has heard of. Over 2 million people in the United States suffer from aphasia, but nearly 85% of Americans have never heard of it.

Symptoms and Treatments for Aphasia

People who suffer from aphasia struggle to communicate with words. Their ability to think and reason is not impacted, just their ability to use words. People with this affliction often don't try to communicate at all. When they do, you may notice any of these signs in their writing or speech:

  • Incomplete sentences
  • Sentences that contain actual words but don't make sense
  • Sentences that contain unrecognizable words

The only treatments available for aphasia were speech and language therapy until recently. Recent studies on medications, such as memantine show some promise in helping aphasia sufferers regain the ability to use words, but more research is needed before these treatments are recommended.

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