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Navigating Walmart's $4 List: What's Not Covered and How to Save More

Written and medically reviewed by Dorcas Morak, Pharm.D

Updated on January 16th, 2024

Save up to 88% on your medications

If you're trying to manage medication costs, Walmart's $4 List might sound like a dream come true. This program offers a variety of generic medications at super affordable prices. However, not every medication makes the cut. Let's explore what's not included and how you can still save on those prescriptions.

What is the Walmart $4 List?

Walmart's $4 List is like a treasure chest for those seeking budget-friendly medication options. It offers a range of generic drugs at just $4 for a 30-day supply or $10 for 90 days. While it’s a fantastic option for cost-conscious consumers, it’s important to know its limits and alternatives.

Key Points to Remember about the $4 List

  • Program Changes: Walmart can change the $4 List without notice, so it's smart to have a backup plan.
  • Generic-Only: The program covers certain generics at specific dosages. Brand-name drugs aren't on the list.
  • State-Specific Pricing: Prices might vary by state. Double-check with your local Walmart pharmacy for exact costs.
  • Not in North Dakota: Sorry, North Dakota folks – this program isn't available to you. But don't worry, there are other savings options!
  • Varied Prices: The $4 starting price can change based on the medication, dosage, and length of treatment.
  • Even Cheaper Options: Sometimes, you might find a better deal outside the $4 List, like with RxLess, so it’s worthwhile to check the app or website for prices in your area.

What Medications Aren't Covered?

The $4 List covers a lot, but it's not all-inclusive. Antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids, and brand-name drugs are among the exclusions. If your meds aren't on the list, don't fret – you've still got options for savings.

Alternative Ways to Save

  • RxLess Prescription Saving Card and App: With RxLess, you can save up to 88% at various pharmacies. Just download the free RxLess mobile app or visit the RxLess website, find your medication, and use the free savings card for instant discounts.
  • Manufacturer Savings Programs: Many drug manufacturers offer coupons or assistance programs. Check if your medication has a manufacturer discount available.
  • Price Comparison: Tools like the RxLess app, powered by our Real-Time Price Finder, allow you to compare prescription prices across pharmacies. A quick zip code search can show you the lowest prices in your area.
  • Talk to Your Doctor: Your healthcare provider can be a valuable ally in finding affordable medication options. They might suggest cheaper alternatives or lifestyle adjustments that can reduce the need for certain drugs.

While Walmart's $4 List is a great resource, it's not the only way to save on medication costs. By exploring options like RxLess, manufacturer discounts, price comparisons, and consulting with your doctor, you can ensure you're getting the best deal on your prescriptions, covered by the $4 List or not. Happy saving!

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