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Pharmacy closures for 2022: what's happening?

Updated on February 22nd, 2022

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It has been a difficult couple of years for all businesses, including pharmacies.

You may be wondering what happens if the pharmacy you have been using for years shuts down? Where will you go for the medications you need, and how will you find another pharmacy that accepts your rxless discount?

Try not to worry. Although some pharmacies are closing this year, there will be plenty left for you to get your prescriptions filled at. RxLess works with all the major pharmacies, so you will have no problem saving on your medications.

Why are Pharmacies Closing?

While it may seem like a new phenomenon, the chain pharmacies, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, have been closing down stores for years. As shopping trends have changed and more prescriptions are being delivered, these pharmacies have been closing underperforming stores.

This is not a new tactic and does not necessarily mean that the businesses are struggling. It may mean, however, that your local pharmacy may close down if it is not bringing in enough revenue.

In some cases, the large chain pharmacies have simply over saturated the market. Too many of any particular pharmacy in an area and the profits that each store can show are diluted. This may be the result of poor planning on the retailer's part, but may not be a sign that the business itself is in trouble.

Covid 19 Closures

Although it would seem that the pandemic and the fact that these large pharmacy chains are authorized to administer the vaccine should be a benefit, in some cases, it is having the opposite effect. Pharmacies, like so many other retail businesses are having trouble meeting their staffing demands. Add to that the huge influx of customers in search of the vaccine, and you can see why pharmacies might be struggling.

Increased customer traffic should be a good thing, however if the pharmacies do not have the staff to man the store, people will leave after their shot without making any additional purchases. Many pharmacies have had to cut their hours because of staffing issues. This also cuts into their bottom line.

Regrettably some pharmacies have been forced to shut down completely because they cannot maintain the store with so few staff.

You Can Still Get Your Prescription Savings Through RxLess

The good news is that even if your usual pharmacy shuts down, RxLess can still provide you with significant savings on all your prescriptions. A simple search on their website, and you can find another pharmacy nearby that will offer you similar savings.

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