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providers / programs

RxLess indexes millions of prices from several trusted prescription program providers. These providers obtain discounts through volume negotiations with pharmacies and manufacturers. We only include providers that have accurate pricing and allow unlimited program use. Pricing can fluctuate daily and varies by program and pharmacy chain.

pricing / payment

You obtain the pharmacy savings card from the RxLess site without having to provide any personal information or payment. The only payment you will make is at the pharmacy counter after showing the card. The card can be used at any pharmacy and the price will be the same at all store locations within each chain. Always check the program price at the pharmacy counter as it may be lower than displayed.

insurance / other programs

When the listed price is lower than your insurance or other program you can save the difference by showing the savings card at the pharmacy counter. You cannot use a pharmacy savings program in combination with your insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, government program, or any other pharmacy program, offer, discount or coupon. Using a pharmacy savings program will not affect your insurance or eligibility in any way. If you do not have insurance these programs will beat the pharmacy cash price the majority of the time.


Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell your personal information. Registration is not required. Subscription is not required. The cards are not associated with your identity and can be shared with anyone, friends, family, and pets. We do not profit by selling advertising or marketing your data.