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8 Tips to Save Money on Prescriptions

Updated on August 1th, 2022

Save up to 88% on your medications

As the prices of everything continue to rise, the amount you spend every month on your prescription medications may be harder to come by. You are not alone - many people struggle to pay for the medicines they need to maintain their health and wellness.  

Thankfully, there are ways you can lower the cost of your medications without skipping or reducing your doses. This article will offer you 8 top tips for how to save money on prescriptions. 

Ways of Saving Money on Your Prescriptions 

1. Talk to Your Doctor 

Doctors got into the business of medicine to help people, and if you are open about your struggle to pay for your medications, they may be able to help. They may be able to suggest a less costly alternative. .

2. Ask for Samples

Doctors are often given drug samples and may be willing to share them with you. While they will probably not be able to supply you with an entire month's worth, they may be able to give you enough to make a difference in your total costs.

3. Talk to Your Insurance Company 

Some insurance companies offer discounts if you buy directly from them. Even if yours does not, ask them for a list of the drugs they cover. Show this list to your doctor so they can be sure what they are prescribing will be covered. 

4. Fill a 90-Day Supply to Save

In some cases, filling your prescription for a 90-day supply will give you a lower total cost compared to filling the same prescription multiple times for smaller amounts. Even if the drug and the dosage are the same, you will need a brand new prescription from your doctor to switch to 90-day fills. 

5. Talk to the Drug Manufacturer 

Some, but not all, of the large pharmaceutical companies have programs that offer discounted drug prices for those below a certain income. Find out if one of those programs covers the medication you need. 

6. Check Prices at Nearby Pharmacies 

No regulating body sets the price of medications, and the prices can vary widely from one pharmacy to another. Before submitting your prescription to any pharmacy, check the price you will pay.

7. Use Generics 

Generics are not always available, especially if the medication you need hasn't been on the market for very long. Check to see if a generic is available and opt for it. 

8. Use a RxLess Prescription Discount Card 

rxless is an online resource that offers deep discounts on many prescription medications. It is accepted by the major pharmacy chains, including CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, as well as smaller local ones. It is one of the top ways to save money on your prescriptions

To get their prescription discount card, you just need to type the name of the medication you need into the RxLess search tool. No registration, no need to share personal information. Once you have found the best price, take the card to show the pharmacy of choice. That's all it takes to see substantial savings on your prescription needs.

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