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No Insurance? No Problem

Written and medically reviewed by Dorcas Morak, Pharm.D

Updated on October 12th, 2022

Save up to 88% on your medications

It’s already a financial burden to go without health insurance. Add the cost of prescription medications to existing medical bills, and you may find yourself barely able to keep you and your family above water. Sadly, many Americans have been left with the inescapable choice to leave prescriptions unfilled because of their cost.

Where can I find help?

Luckily, RxLess is a free online resource designed to lessen the financial burden of skyrocketing prescription drug prices. It searches millions of offers, discounts and coupons for prescription medications across the nation. You are just one search and a click away from prescription savings. It's as easy as search, show, save.


Visit rxless on your mobile device and type the name of your medication in the search bar. Search the offer, discount and coupon results for the best priced pharmacy near you.


Text or email yourself the discounted offer/coupon (or print it out on paper) and show it to the pharmacy along with your prescription. Showing the offer/coupon to the pharmacist directly from the screen of your phone is more than acceptable.


The pharmacy enters the plan information from your offer, discount or coupon and charges you the discounted price. Receive your prescription(s) and off you go.

*If you have more than one prescription to fill, repeat the same process for your next medication. You are always able to use multiple RxLess offers/coupons for multiple members of the same household, including your pets!

Sounds great, but how does it work?

You compare prices on flights, hotels and insurance. Why not compare prices on your medication? The RxLess marketplace allows you to compare prices of multiple programs and pharmacies on any device, then shows you the best price at each pharmacy in your area. You may see results from national pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS to local pharmacies and drug stores near you. You can use these offers, discounts and coupons even if you have insurance, just ask the pharmacy for a price comparison and pay the lowest price.

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Why should insured individuals use RxLess?

Did you know that individuals who have health insurance with prescription drug coverage often struggle to afford medications? In fact, over a third of insured adults have been advised that one or more of their prescribed medications would not be covered under their existing health plan. With the monthly cost of the health coverage itself, along with any out-of-pocket medical expenses, RxLess could provide a huge benefit to insured individuals whose medications just simply aren't covered.

Surprisingly, the negotiated prices found on rxless may be even lower than the copays or out-of-pocket costs of drugs that ARE covered under an insurance plan. Keep in mind that you are never required to run a prescription through insurance if the RxLess price is less.

Key Takeaway

With or without healthcare coverage, it is always a good idea to search RxLess for potential prescription savings. Secure those savings by claiming your free RxLess discount offer and showing it at the pharmacy.

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