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Pharmaceutical Industry Affecting Prescription Prices?

Updated on September 6th, 2019

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Johnson & Johnson, one of America’s leading healthcare brands, recently announced that it would include the price of their medications in ads featured on television. This makes Johnson & Johnson the first drug maker to respond to President Trump’s call for more transparency regarding the prices of prescription medication advertised on TV.

Even more recently, the CEOs of some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the US gathered before the Senate Finance Committee to discuss their role in the rising costs of prescription drugs.

The response was much different from past discussions, where pharma CEOs were more hostile to changes.

Congress Focused

Both of these major shifts come in response to increasing pressure from both Democrats and Republicans to prioritize more affordable prescriptions for those who need them.

Since Democrats took control of the House in January, Congress has been keener to take a look at drug-pricing in the US. Even Republicans, drawing from President Trump’s 2016 campaign promises and recent State of the Union Address, are pushing this agenda.

Still, a total overhaul in the way US pharmaceutical companies price their products may be a long way off.

What Will it Amount To?

Despite the changes made by Johnson & Johnson and the attitude shift from the pharma CEOs, the reality is that these small concessions may not change much. During their time before the Senate, the pharma CEOs did not agree to, or specify any major concrete goals or changes – only small future tweaks.

And they gave the same old arguments defending the current state of the industry and pricing, despite their shift in tone.

So, even as transparency increases and companies like Johnson & Johnson advertise both list prices and possible out of pocket costs for the consumer, prices may remain high for individuals trying to purchase their prescriptions.

Affordable Prescription Drugs

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