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Learn to Protect Your Eyes This Eye Injury Prevention Month

Updated on July 15th, 2021

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Taking care of your eyes is in your hands. Some of the most common eye injuries happen during daily tasks or recreational activities. As July is eye injury prevention month, we have some easy-to-follow tips to keep your eyes safe.

5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Injury

Little things make a big difference when it comes to eye safety. These tips are easy to implement and help you keep your vision. They include things you can do on a regular basis for your eye health.

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Wear sunglasses

Sun can damage your eyes. Limit exposure by wearing UV-protectant sunglasses. The sun is a concern all year round, not just when it is summer and you are putting on UV-sunscreen. So even when you're out for a snowy walk in the winter, prevent injuries to your eyes against blue sky with eye wear.

Use protective glasses

Forty percent of eye injuries happen in the home. It's most often during activities like repairs, yard work, cleaning, and cooking. Another 40% happen during sports activities. Most of those injuries are preventable. Wearing proper eye protection, like safety goggles, can stop serious injury. Glasses can also prevent sand, dust, glass, and other particles from getting into your eye. If you do get dust or other small irritants in your eyes, blink and use an eye wash such as Eye Stream to flush the area.

Limit screen time

Eyestrain can make your eyes feel dry and itchy. Take frequent breaks from phones, computers, and tablets. Adjust the lighting in the television room so it's softly lit. When working at your desk, put light sources behind you so they don't shine in your eyes. Use a few drops of an eyewash like Systane Balance if your eyes need relief.

Clean your contacts

Sleeping in contacts can cause bacterial eye infections. Remove contacts before you go to bed and clean according to lens solution instructions. In the event of infection, follow your optometrist's instructions for using antibiotic eye drop medications like Bleph-10. Your optometrist can also recommend different prescription eye wear options that help you see and protect your eyes.

Seek medical care

Your eye is very sensitive. An ophthalmologist or emergency room doctor should be your first call if you have a serious eye injury. If you have trouble seeing, have pain in the eye, or feel like there's something in your eye, trust a doctor with your diagnosis and treatment.

Preventing Eye Injuries is in Your Hands

You only have one set of eyes. Thankfully, there are easy ways to keep them healthy. If you do have an injury or irritation, it's easy to get affordable over-the-counter and prescription medications to start healing. Get to know your optometrist and take a few extra steps to care for your vision.

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