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Drugs: "P"

Top 10 Most Common "P" Medications

These drugs are the most commonly filled at the pharmacy that begin with the letter "P"

All medications that begin with the letter "P"

P & S Pacerone paclitaxel Padcev Palforzia paliperidone palonosetron Palynziq Pamelor pamidronate Pancreaze pancuronium Pandel Panhematin PanOxyl Panretin pantoprazole Panzyga papaverine ParaGard Paraplatin Paremyd paricalcitol Parlodel Parnate Paroex paromomycin paroxetine Parsabiv Paser D/R Pataday PATANASE Patanol Paxil Pazeo peanut allergenic extract pecan allergenic extract pecan pollen extract Pedia-Lax Chewable Pedia-Lax Liquid Pedia-Lax Liquid Glycerin Suppositories Pediaclear Pediaclear Childrens Pediapred PEDIARIX PedvaxHIB Pegasys Pemazyre pemetrexed Pemfexy penicillamine penicillin G penicillin V Penicillium chrysogenum var. chrysogenum allergenic extract Pennsaid Pentacel Pentam pentamidine Pentasa pentetate calcium pentobarbital pentoxifylline Pepcid Pepcid Complete pepper tree pollen extract Pepto-bismol Percocet Percogesic Reformulated Jan 2011 Perdiem Overnight perennial rye grass pollen extract Perforomist Peridex PeriGuard perindopril Perio Med Periogard Perjeta permethrin Peroxyl perphenazine Persa-Gel Perseris Pertzye petrolatum petrolatum / zinc oxide Pexeva Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine (EUA) Pfizerpen Pharbetol Phazyme Phazyme Gas & Acid phenazopyridine phendimetrazine phenelzine Phenergan phenobarbital Phenohytro phenol phenoxybenzamine phentermine phentolamine phenylbutyrate phenylephrine phenylephrine / promethazine phenylephrine / pyrilamine phenylephrine / triprolidine phenylephrine / witch hazel Phenytek phenytoin Phesgo Phexxi Phillips Milk of Magnesia Phillips Stool Softener Phillips' Cramp-free Phoslyra Phospha 250 Neutral Phosphasal Phospholine Iodide Photofrin Photrexa Physiolyte Physiosol physostigmine Pifeltro pilocarpine pimecrolimus pimozide pindolol pioglitazone piperacillin / tazobactam piperonyl butoxide / pyrethrins pirfenidone piroxicam pistachio nut allergenic extract Pitocin pku easy Plan B One-Step Plaquenil Plasbumin Plasma-lyte 148 Plasmalyte A Plasmanate Plavix Plegridy Plenamine Plexion Pliaglis Pluvicto Pneumovax 23 Podocon podofilox pogo automatic blood gluc sys Polar Freeze Polivy Polocaine Poly Iron 150 Forte Poly-Vi-Sol Polycin polyethylene glycol 3350 polyethylene glycol 3350 / potassium chloride / sodium bicarbonate / sodium chloride polyethylene glycol 3350 / potassium chloride / sodium bicarbonate / sodium chloride / sodium sulfate polyethylene glycol 400 / propylene glycol polymyxin B polymyxin B / trimethoprim Polypodium leucotomos polysaccharide iron complex Polysporin Polytrim polyvinyl alcohol polyvinyl alcohol / povidone polyvinyl alcohol / povidone / tetrahydrozoline Pomalyst Ponvory pork allergenic extract Portrazza posaconazole Posimir Potaba potassium acetate potassium chloride potassium chloride / sodium chloride potassium citrate potassium gluconate potassium iodide potassium nitrate / silver nitrate potassium nitrate / sodium fluoride potassium phosphate / sodium phosphate, dibasic / sodium phosphate, monobasic Poteligeo povidone-iodine Pradaxa pralidoxime Praluent pramipexole Pramosone pramoxine pramoxine / zinc acetate prasterone prasugrel pravastatin Prax Praxbind praziquantel prazosin Precedex precision xtra ketone-glucose Precose Pred Forte Pred Mild Pred-G prednicarbate prednisolone prednisolone / sulfacetamide prednisone pregabalin Pregnitude Pregnyl Prehevbrio Prelief Premarin PremaSol premier blu premier classic glucose meter premier compact glucose meter premier test strip premier voice premium blood glucose premium blood glucose test Prepidil Prestalia pretomanid Pretz Prevacid Prevalite Prevident Prevident 5000 Sensitive Prevident Dental Rinse Prevnar 13 Prevnar 20 Prevymis Prezcobix Prezista Prialt Priftin Prilosec primaquine Primatene Mist Inhaler Primatene with ephedrine & guaifenesin Primaxin primidone Primlev Primsol Priorix Pristiq privet pollen extract Privigen pro voice v8 glucose monitor pro voice v8-v9 test strip pro voice v9 glucose monitor ProAir probenecid procainamide ProcalAmine 3 Procardia ProCentra prochlorperazine ProCoMycin Procort 1.85/1.15 Procrit Procto-Med Procto-Pak Proctocort Proctofoam Proctofoam-HC Proctosol Proctozone HC Procysbi prodigy prodigy autocode prodigy control solution prodigy count-a-dose prodigy lancets prodigy lancing device prodigy no coding prodigy pocket prodigy twist top lancet prodigy voice Proferrin Profilnine progesterone Proglycem Prograf Prolastin Prolate Prolensa Proleukin Prolia Promacta promethazine Promethegan Prometrium Promolaxin propafenone proparacaine Propecia propofol Propoven propranolol propylene glycol propylthiouracil ProQuad Proscar Prosol Prostin VR protamine sulfate (USP) Protonix Protopam Protopic protriptyline Provayblue Provenge Proventil Provera Provigil Provisc Prozac Prudoxin pseudoephedrine pseudoephedrine / triprolidine psyllium Pulmicort PulmoSal Pulmozyme PureLax Purixan Pylera pyrantel pyrazinamide Pyridium pyridostigmine pyridoxine pyrimethamine
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Common FAQs

Which pharmacies accept these offers?

These offers are accepted at over 70,000 pharmacies across the US, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. These include all major chains such as CVS, PillPack, RiteAid, Walgreens, Walmart and most grocery store and community pharmacies. Search rxless to find the best-priced pharmacy in your area. If for any reason the pharmacy does not accept the offer, please call us at 1-844-479-5377 and we will be glad to help.

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