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Fabior Fabrazyme falmina famciclovir famotidine famotidine / ibuprofen Fanapt Fareston Farxiga Farydak Fasenra Faslodex febuxostat Feiba felbamate Felbatol Feldene felodipine Fem pH Femara Femring fenofibrate Fenoglide fenoprofen Fenortho Fensolvi fentanyl Fentora Feosol Feosol Caplet Fer-in-Sol Feraheme Ferate Ferretts IPS Ferrex 150 Forte Ferrex 150 Plus Ferrex-150 ferric subsulfate solution Ferrimin 150 Ferriprox Ferrlecit Ferrocite ferrous fumarate ferrous fumarate / folic acid ferrous gluconate ferrous sulfate ferumoxytol Fetroja Fetzima Feverall Fexmid fexofenadine fexofenadine / pseudoephedrine Fiasp Fiber Tab FiberCon Fibricor Fibryga Finacea finasteride Fintepla Firazyr Firdapse Firmagon Firvanq Flac Flagyl Flanders Flarex flavoxate Flebogamma flecainide Flector Flexbumin Flolan Flolipid Flomax Flonase Flonase Sensimist Florajen3 Florastor Florical Flovent floxuridine Flu Vaccine Fluad Quadrivalent 2021-2022 Fluarix Quadrivalent 2021-2022 Flublok Quadrivalent 2021-2022 Flucelvax Quadrivalent 2021-2022 fluconazole flucytosine fludarabine fludrocortisone Flulaval Quadrivalent 2021-2022 Flumadine flumazenil FluMist Quadrivalent 2021-2022 flunisolide fluocinolone fluocinonide fluorescein / proparacaine Fluoridex Fluoridex Daily Defense Sensitivity fluorometholone Fluoroplex fluorouracil fluoxetine fluoxetine / olanzapine fluphenazine flurandrenolide flurazepam flurbiprofen flutamide fluticasone fluticasone / salmeterol fluvastatin fluvoxamine Fluzone Quadrivalent 2021-2022 FML FML Forte Liquifilm Focalin Folbee Folbic folic acid folic acid / Lacticaseibacillus casei folic acid / polysaccharide iron complex / vitamin B12 folic acid / pyridoxine / vitamin B12 folic acid / vitamin B12 / vitamin B6 Folitab Follistim Folotyn Foltabs Foltrate fomepizole fondaparinux Forane Forfivo formoterol Fortaz Forteo Fortesta Fosamax Fosamax Plus D fosamprenavir fosaprepitant foscarnet Foscavir fosfomycin fosinopril fosinopril / hydrochlorothiazide fosphenytoin Fosrenol Fotivda Fragmin Freamine III 10 Freestyle Libre 14 Day Reader Freestyle Libre 14 Day Sensor Freestyle Libre 2 Reader Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Freshkote Frova frovatriptan fructooligosaccharide / Lactobacillus acidophilus fructose / glucose / phosphoric acid Fulphila fulvestrant Fungi-Nail Fungoid Fungoid-D Furadantin furosemide Fusilev Fuzeon Fyavolv FYCOMPA

Saving on your medications is as easy as search, show & save!


Search for your medication, find offers near you

Type your medication name in the search bar, select your medication, then confirm the strength, form and quantity.


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Review the discount prices, find the best one, save it and present it to the pharmacy with your script.


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The pharmacy will enter the plan codes with your script and give you the price. Then you simply pay the discounted price.

Common faqs

Which pharmacies accept these offers?

These offers are accepted at over 70,000 pharmacies across the US, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. These include all major chains such as CVS, Kroger, PillPack, RiteAid, Walgreens, Walmart and most grocery store and community pharmacies. Search rxless to find the best-priced pharmacy in your area. If for any reason the pharmacy does not accept the offer, please call us at 1-844-479-5377 and we will be glad to help.

What if I use insurance to buy my medications?

You may choose to use this or your insurance. When our price is lower, ask your pharmacy to use this offer instead of your insurance. If you do not know your insurance cost, provide this and your insurance card to the pharmacy and ask for a price comparison. The offers listed on rxless can also provide cost benefits when certain prescriptions are excluded from your insurance, if you have a high deductible and your insurance price is higher during your deductible period. If you have Medicare and are in the doughnut hole, you may pay higher prices. Always compare and be aware of savings opportunities.

How much will I have to pay and when?

You will pay the listed price or less at the pharmacy counter when you pick up your medication. You will not pay other costs, fees, subscriptions, or premiums. You will not pay us in advance. We will not ask for and you will not provide us payment instructions.

Call us toll-free 1-844-4-rxless