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Drugs: "R"

Top 10 Most Common "R" Medications

These drugs are the most commonly filled at the pharmacy that begin with the letter "R"

All medications that begin with the letter "R"

RabAvert rabbit allergenic extract rabeprazole RadiaGuard Radicava Radiogardase Ragwitek raloxifene ramelteon ramipril ranolazine Rapaflo Rapamune Rapivab rasagiline Rash Relief with Zinc Oxide Rasuvo Ravicti Rayaldee Rayasal Rayos Rebif Rebinyn Reblozyl Rebyota Recarbrio Reclast reclipsen Recombinate Recombivax Recorlev Recothrom Recticare Rectiv red cedar pollen extract red imported fire ant allergenic extract red maple pollen extract red mulberry pollen extract Reditrex redroot pigweed pollen extract redtop grass pollen extract Refenesen Refissa refuah plus refuah plus glucose control Regen-Cov Regenecare Regiocit Reglan Regonol Regranex Reguloid Relafen Relagesic Relenza Releuko Relexxii relion relion all-in-one relion confirm relion confirm-micro relion micro relion prime relion prime test strips Relistor Relpax Reltone Relyvrio Remeron Remicade remifentanil Remodulin Renacidin Renflexis Renova Renvela repaglinide Repatha Replesta NX Resinol Restasis Restoril Retacrit Retavase Retevmo Retin-A Retisert Retrovir Revatio Revcovi reveal blood glucose meter reveal test strip reveal uti test strip RevitaDERM Wound Care Revlimid Revonto Rexulti Reyataz Reyvow Rezamid Rezlidhia Rezurock Rezvoglar Rezzayo Rhofade RhoGAM Rhophylac Rhopressa Riabni RiaSTAP ribavirin riboflavin rice allergenic extract RID Ridaura rifabutin Rifadin rifampin rightest control solution rightest gd500 rightest gl300 lancets rightest gm100 system rightest gm300 system rightest gm550 system rightest gs100 test strip rightest gs300 test strip rightest gs550 test strip rightest gt333 glucose meter rightest gt333 test strip Rilutek riluzole rimantadine Rimso-50 Rinvoq Riomet Risamine risedronate Risperdal risperidone Ritalin ritonavir Rituxan Rituxan Hycela rivastigmine rivelsa river birch pollen extract Rixubis rizatriptan Robaxin Robinul Rocaltrol Rocklatan rocuronium roflumilast Rogaine rolaids adv antacid-antigas Rolaids Reformulated Aug 2006 Rolvedon romidepsin ropinirole ropivacaine Rosadan rosuvastatin Roszet Rotarix RotaTeq rough marshelder pollen extract Rowasa Roweepra Roxicodone Roxybond Rozerem Rozlytrek Rubraca Ruconest rufinamide Rukobia Russian thistle pollen extract Ruxience Ryaltris Ryanodex Rybelsus Rybrevant Ryclora Rydapt Rykindo Rylaze Ryplazim Rystiggo Rytary Rythmol Ryvent
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Type your medication name in the search bar, select your medication, then confirm the strength, form and quantity.


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Review the discount prices, find the best one, save it and present it to the pharmacy with your script.


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The pharmacy will enter the plan codes with your script and give you the RxLess Assurance Plan price. Then you simply pay the discounted price.

Common FAQs

Which pharmacies accept these offers?

These offers are accepted at over 70,000 pharmacies across the US, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. These include all major chains such as CVS, PillPack, RiteAid, Walgreens, Walmart and most grocery store and community pharmacies. Search RxLess to find the best-priced pharmacy in your area. If for any reason the pharmacy does not accept the offer, please call us at 1-844-479-5377 and we will be glad to help.

What if I use insurance to buy my medications?

You may choose to use this or your insurance. When our price is lower, ask your pharmacy to use this offer instead of your insurance. If you do not know your insurance cost, provide this and your insurance card to the pharmacy and ask for a price comparison. The offers listed on RxLess can also provide cost benefits when certain prescriptions are excluded from your insurance, if you have a high deductible and your insurance price is higher during your deductible period. If you have Medicare and are in the doughnut hole, you may pay higher prices. Always compare and be aware of savings opportunities.

How much will I have to pay and when?

You will pay the listed price or less at the pharmacy counter when you pick up your medication. You will not pay other costs, fees, subscriptions, or premiums. You will not pay us in advance. We will not ask for and you will not provide us payment instructions.