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Rahsaan Campbell - rxless Patient Story

Please introduce yourself and describe your savings experience with rxless?

Hello. My name is Rahsaan. Yeah. rxless really helped me out. I was filling out a survey and I got the card and it help me out, get my tadalafil for much cheaper because I couldn't afford it before and I could afford it. I got my 30 day supply, so I'm straight now. I'm happy. My girls happy.

How is rxless better than other prescription discount providers?

Yeah, I would say rxless is better just because it's cheaper. You know, I've had medication discount cards before, but rxless is much cheaper.

What do you LOVE about rxless?

Yeah, I would say I love rxless just because it's convenient. I, they take it at the pharmacy I use. So that's, you know, that's convenient. It's cheaper. It's just cheaper, you know. So I would say that's why I like it better.