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Genevieve Ball - RxLess Patient Story

Please introduce yourself and describe your savings experience with RxLess?

Hi, my name is Jenny and I just want to say with RxLess, it's really helped us save a lot of money on a lot of my bills on my prescriptions. Um, I'm struggling so often paying my bills, but saving money on my prescriptions is what really matters the most. So, um I just want to say thank you and I think it's a great opportunity to help save some money each month.

How is rxless better than other prescription discount providers?

RxLess is easy to use and really much better than the other guys never had any troubles. It's pretty easy. Um, so I really think that I'll be using it more than any other prescription drug, uh, cards that I have.

What do you LOVE about rxless?

What I love about RxLess is again saving all this money. Um, I'm struggling elsewhere, paying more for food gas, all my bills, but at least with my prescriptions, I know I can save a little bit more money than all my other stuff.