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Cheyenne West - RxLess Patient Story

Please introduce yourself and describe your savings experience with RxLess?

My name is Cheyenne. And I found RxLess whenever I was in a very bad spot and I didn't have insurance and I couldn't find any other discount cards that were suitable to help pay for my prescription. And I was afraid I would have to go without my medication.

How is RxLess better than other prescription discount providers?

RxLess was available when I needed it. And the cost was the lowest, um, of all.

What do you LOVE about RxLess?

What I love about RxLess is that it's convenient. It's safe. It's easy to use. It's very user-friendly and it's very cost-effective at the end of the day. And that's what really mattered to me the most when I was in my time of need and I still use it!