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BIOSCRIP INFUSION SERVICES - 462 Wando Park Blvd Ste A, Mount Pleasant, SC

Great news! BIOSCRIP INFUSION SERVICES will accept the RxLess Assurance Plan. Just show the Assurance Plan discount to the pharmacist when picking up your medication.

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Phone: (855) 375-1650
Fax: (855) 375-1660
Delivery service: Yes
Drive up: No
Open 24 hours: No

Mon-Fri : 8:30am-5:00pm

Sat-Sun : Closed

NPI: 1942527452
NCPDP: 4229755


Bioscrip Infusion Services pharmacy is located at 462 Wando Park Blvd Ste A in Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. This pharmacy prides itself on providing exceptional infusion services to patients in need of specialty medications in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The key features of Bioscrip Infusion Services include their highly trained pharmacy staff who specialize in administering complex therapies such as intravenous medications, nutritional support, and injectable medications. Patients can benefit from their personalized care approach, where pharmacists work closely with physicians to ensure each individual receives the most suitable treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.

Furthermore, Bioscrip Infusion Services pharmacy offers a range of specialized programs and services, including patient education on medication administration, comprehensive monitoring of therapy outcomes, and 24/7 on-call support for any urgent concerns that may arise. Their commitment to quality care and compassionate customer service sets them apart in the field of infusion services. For individuals approaching the pharmacy from the north, south, east, and west, directions from the nearest highway are as follows:

- From the North: Take I-526 E and exit onto Long Point Road, turn right onto Wando Park Blvd.
- From the South: Take US-17 N and turn left onto Long Point Road, then left onto Wando Park Blvd.
- From the East: Take I-26 W and merge onto I-526 E, then exit onto Long Point Road and turn right onto Wando Park Blvd.
- From the West: Take I-26 E and merge onto I-526 E, then exit onto Long Point Road and turn right onto Wando Park Blvd.

These detailed turn-by-turn directions aim to assist patients in easily locating Bioscrip Infusion Services pharmacy for their infusion therapy needs.

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