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Privacy blog

Privacy resources

Every blog and article in our resource center is designed to broaden your knowledge of privacy issues as they relate to your health information and the use of your medical data.

On our privacy blog page, we strive to inform you about the exact nature of personally identifiable information and why a website may have cause to collect it. Listing the data that can serve to identify you helps build awareness and allows users to protect themselves should the need arise.

Also included on our privacy blog page are additional explanations that touch upon privacy issues in their broadest sense as well as specifically related to the RxLess privacy policy. The most expansive privacy policy is called “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA) and it addresses the use and disclosure of personal health information as well as standards for individuals’ privacy rights. We at RxLess aim to provide reliable articles intended to clarify those rules as well as the topic of privacy in general and make them less complicated to understand.

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