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Sarah Brown - rxless Patient Story

How is rxless better than other prescription discount providers?

rxless has saved me so much money. Honestly, I've used GoodRx before, but I have never saved literal, hundreds of dollars except for with rxless!

Please describe your savings experience with rxless?

My medication is normally over $500 a month and using rxless, I have paid $2.47 for my medication, $2.47 for my medication! A 30 day supply for 5mg of blood clotting medication is completely out of my means. I mean, to pay between $500 and $600 like I said, um, I don't know what I would do without rxless and I just feel like I should share that with other people.

What do you LOVE about rxless?

I'm a couponer. I'm a sampler. So definitely my favorite thing about rxless is the Great Savings! rxless… It's the only way.