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Michelle Murphy - RxLess Patient Story

Please introduce yourself and describe your savings experience with using RxLess?

"My name Michelle Murphy. RxLess allowed me to get a prescription medication for dollars and dollars less than what my insurance coverage provided. RxLess is a great program if you have insurance and even if you don't, it can save you a considerable amount of money. And I'm so glad I found the program and will continue to use their prescription cards anytime I need a prescription filled. And using my insurance is sometimes not always the best option. As our prescription drug coverage is divided into tiers and RxLess allowed me the opportunity instead of spending hundreds of dollars to spending $20-$30 on prescriptions, that would normally cost me hundreds. I'm so grateful for this program."

How is RxLess better than other prescription discount providers?

"RxLess has been a great benefit program for me. It allowed me to have more savings on my prescription that my company insurance provides. RxLess allowed me to pay only $20 for my prescription, where my insurance could only allow me to cover $100 for a prescription. I'm so glad I found this program and would encourage others to do so. I will continue to use this program going forward. I will first check the RxLess price against my insurance price, and of course I'm sure as before I will continue to use this program. It is a great, great, program for those with insurance or without."