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Lucy Berryhill - RxLess Patient Story

Please introduce yourself and describe your savings experience with RxLess?

"Hi my name is Lucy. I'm a senior citizen on a limited income. When it comes to filling a prescription that Medicare doesn't cover or has a high deductible. I use my free prescription discount card from RxLess, that is accepted at most pharmacies and mail order pharmacies. I love the savings I get with my RxLess discount card enough that I recommend it to all my friends. To get yours you just need to go to and you can have one printed out or you can have one texted to you. Try it! You will love the savings just as I do."

What do you LOVE about RxLess?

"I've tried many prescription discount cards and of all of them my favorite is the RxLess prescription discount card. Um, they offer great savings. They're accepted at so many pharmacies and the money that I have saved is just wonderful. I love it. So go online to, download your own card. They can text it to you, they can mail it to you or you can just print it out and check out the savings that you also will get. Believe me, it is worth it and you will love it."