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Kendra Mackall - RxLess Patient Story

Please describe your savings experience with RxLess?

"I needed a medication that my insurance wouldn't cover. And like, I really needed it, but out of pocket it was like $200. And I was gonna try to find some way to cover it, but on a fixed income, I was like, I don't know how I'm going to do this."

"And then I remembered like the Rx and I was like, maybe they'll work. I never used it before, And it literally brought my medicine down to about $35. Like, I was so happy and excited."

How is RxLess better than other prescription discount providers?

"At Walmart I tried to use like a prescription saver one, but it didn't bring anything down, so it wasn't, it was useless to use. So, but like I said, when I used it for my, it was actually for Cymbalta. It came from $200 to $35. You can't beat it!"

What do you LOVE about RxLess?

"What I love most about it was it was easy to use. They gave me a code to use - my own personal code. The pharmacist put it in and like instantly the savings just came down."