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Kayode - RxLess Patient Story

Please introduce yourself and describe your experience with using RxLess?

"Hi, my name is Kayode, and my experience with the RxLess has been pretty great, providing a seamless customer service, invaluable pharmacy prescription discounts and all around great service."

How is RxLess better from other prescription discount providers?

"With other um prescription discounts, it was a little bit more complicated in how to actually get the discount itself. Um, but with RxLess it was merely sent to my phone um was simple when I scanned it at the pharmacy."

What do you LOVE about RxLess?

"I love RxLess for how seamless the process was for me to use their services for someone who doesn't have a lot of prescriptions. It was um kind of nerve wracking to use that and made the process quite easy for me."