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How to Whitelist Our Emails

Updated on January 1th, 2010

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You have requested a free prescription discount card be emailed to you from the RxLess site but there is no email in your inbox. Email providers like, Gmail, Apple Mail or Yahoo may be blocking our emails from reaching your inbox. Why? Because they have mistaken our email as phishing or spam. The easiest way to avoid this in the future is to whitelist our email address: [email protected]

Each email provider has their own processes for whitelisting an email, here is an overview for each.

Outlook Logo

This works for, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail and MSN Mail.

  1. Add [email protected] to your Contacts.
  2. On the desktop app, click the blue Click here to download pictures box, then click Add Sender to Safe Senders List and Add the Domain to Safe Senders List.
  3. On mobile app, click the three dots in the top-right corner then choose Move to Focused Inbox. In the popup box, tap the Move this and all future messages option, then tap Move to folder.
  4. If an email is listed as spam in Outlook online, the message Parts of this message have been .blocked for your safety will appear. Click I trust [email protected]. Always show content.


Gmail Logo

  1. Add [email protected] to your Gmail Contacts.
  2. Mark our emails as ‘Not spam’. Navigate to your spam folder, find our email, click More than Not spam.
  3. Move our emails from your Promotions tab to your Primary tab. On desktop it will ask you if you would like to do this for all future messages from [email protected] click Yes.
  4. Create a filter. Click the cog icon in the top-right corner, then Settings. Click Filters then Create a new filter. Enter in the From field then click Create filter. Tick the Never send it to spam box, then click Create filter.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail Logo

  1. Mobile app: There is no option to whitelist an email with Apple Mail, you can only mark the email as Not Junk so it is sent to your inbox. Find the email in your Junk folder and swipe left to see options. Tap More, then Mark, and then the Mark as Not Junk button.
  2. Desktop app: Click Mail > Preferences. Click Rule, Add Rule, enter the Description ‘Whitelist:’. In the first section set to any for conditions met. Beneath this choose From in the first field, Ends with in the second field, and then enter in the third field. In the second section Perform the following actions, set the two dropdowns to: Move Message, to the mailbox: Inbox. Lastly click OK to save.


Yahoo Logo

  1. Add [email protected] to your Yahoo Contacts
  2. Create a filter. For Desktop: Under Settings, click Filter then Add. Enter as the Filter Name and Sender. Choose Inbox as the folder to end the email to, then Save.
  3. For Mobile: Tap Settings and scroll down to Filters. Choose your email, tap the + icon to add a new filter. Name it Whitelist: Under Sender add and change to Ends with. Lastly click the ? icon in the top right to save.

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