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calcium acetate (Calphron, Phoslo, Phoslyra) calcium ascorbate calcium carbonate (Alka-Mints, Alkums, Cal Gest, Caltrate, Chooz, Healthy Mama, Nutralox, OsCal 500, Oysco 500, Pepto-Bismol Children's, Tums) calcium carbonate / cholecalciferol (Caltrate Plus D, Os-Cal 500 with D, Osteo-Poretical, Oysco 500 with D, Oysco D) calcium carbonate / ergocalciferol calcium carbonate / famotidine / magnesium hydroxide (Pepcid Complete, Tums Dual Action) calcium carbonate / magnesium chloride (Slow-Mag Reformulated Feb 2012) calcium carbonate / magnesium hydroxide (Mi-Acid Double Strength, Rolaids Reformulated Aug 2006) calcium carbonate / magnesium hydroxide / simethicone calcium carbonate / simethicone (Gas-X with Maalox, Maalox Max Quick Dissolve, Mylicon Children's, Phazyme Gas & Acid, Tums with Gas Relief)