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How to Claim Your Free Bonus?

As a way to say thank you for using our program for the first time, RxLess would like to offer you a FREE $10 Amazon Gift Voucher on top of the savings you have already received at the pharmacy.

In order to claim your free bonus we need four pieces of information to verify the transaction, these include:

Once we verify our program was used at the pharmacy to save you money on your medications AND this is the first and only time you have submitted a claim, we will email you (using the email provided) a $10 Amazon Gift voucher to use on anything in the store. As simple as that! (This process typically takes a week to be completed).

Ready to Claim Your Free Bonus?

Great, please complete the short form below to submit your claim and be on your way to receiving a FREE $10 Amazon Gift Voucher. If we need additional information or clarification, we will reach out to the email provided.

Still have Questions?

Click the ‘Chat with us’ button above and one of our knowledgeable Representatives would be happy to help.

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